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Fuck you who said you could bring Mufasa into this

I don’t understand why this does not have more notes. There are more then 358,000 people on Tumblr.

… Nothing more needs to be said.

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Anonymous asked: Sighing is awesome and a way to releave stress. Do you have problems with sighing?

I think that sighing is amazing, and I do it for reasons other than to relieve stress. I usually prefer to express myself, or communicate, with my sighs. Sometimes, a single sigh can contain as much as a page of what I’m thinking.

In fact, I believe I mentioned that I feel sighs are underrated and overused in the wrong context of today’s mediums. 

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Anonymous asked: What's your favorite nut? You're least favorite? Why?

My favorite nut… Either walnut, cashew, or peanut. Probably peanut, because it makes peanut-butter.

My least favorite nut would have to be Acorns. They’re really gross. 

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Anonymous asked: Do you like one syllable names? (I don't)

I find them a little easier to say, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I prefer them.

In short: I like people, not names. 

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Anonymous asked: Do you feel like this "ama" service is useful?

I feel like it could be, if my followers enjoy knowing this inane stuff about me.

But yeah… I do feel that everyone can ask me anything, and I’ll answer as best I can. 

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Anonymous asked: Why do sighs get a bad rep?

Because they’re often associated with negative feelings, and they tend to be overused in such a context.

I’d say that, due to common employment of the vernacular, sighs seem to be primarily featured in displaying exasperation.