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Quilted Taffetta, Part 2

The barkeep recognizes you as your party enters the tavern. He assumes you’ve successfully raided some nearby dungeon, and have much coin weighing you down. He sends his best girls to help alleviate you from your burdens.
Like a dog to dinner, the old bard gets up from his stool at the bar and heads to your table.
"The tale is far from over," he smiles at everyone, and grabs a random mug of ale.

The first six thousand years of eternity were exciting. Olidammara was free from rules and law, free to explore any and everything. There were more secrets to be found than he could explore, but he tried very hard to see everything. Many of his adventures were accompanied by mortals, all of them becoming legends in their own rights… but every thousand years or so, and the legends faded away.
His former comrades seemed to fare just as he did, each prospering in their own way… But they used mortals more than working with them. Heironeous and Hextor would wage wars against each other, but never actually fight one-on-one. Many died in trying to destroy the fighters for the other side, but Olidammara never saw any ground gained for either side. St. Cuthbert had his laws, and he followed them well.
Wee Jas had used Hextor, and left him to follow her own dark intuitions; and Olidammara was thankful that he never heard from her again.

Many of the mortals rose beyond their own mortality, and into the lesser realms of godhood. A second pantheon arose, one filled with demigods and god-like beings…
Seventy-Three of them rose into immortality of their own, before the Original Pantheon put a stop to it all. While Olidammara had never helped any of them outright, he had been there when some of them arose. He’d actually held a relationship with Sharess, the lesser goddess of hedonism, sensual fulfillment, festivals and cats.
Pelor and Boccob feared the new immortals, and forbade them from the Great Hall of Judgement. They called together a meeting of all the Greater Gods, to discuss the sudden rise of mortals.
Pelor, Heironeous, Kord, Moradin, Garl Glittergold, Yondalla, Ehlonna, Corellon Larethian, and Faren took up one part of the circular hall. Gruumsh, Hextor, Erythnul, Vecna,and Wee Jas took another.
Olidammara was stuck with Fharlanghn, St. Cuthbert, Obad-Hai, and Boccob.
Most of them were scared that mortals would no longer see the need for gods if they could attain such power on their own. Gods thrived on praise, worship, and awe… and if the mortals forgot about them, then they would cease to exist.
Boccob suggested that they filter magic through the earth, and reduce it’s effective power. It would limit the abilities of all mortals, and most of the demigods, without harming any of the greater gods themselves. Hextor and Heironeous were both accepting of the idea, as was Pelor. Most of the gods seemed to consider the idea in a neutral silence, but very few opposed the idea outright. Olidammara, Faren, and Erythnul were the only adamant opponents who refused the idea outright. He was surprised that the god of slaughter and life stood together on the idea, but was grateful to have such help.
"Simply because they have power, it does not justify destroying the world!" Olidammara objected.
"We must start over… wipe away all that has come before" Boccob replied apathetically. It was a gross misuse of their abilities… In order to proceed with filtering magic, they would have to close all direct links from other planes to the mortal world… They would have to suffocate the mortals, let them die as they were smothered by a layer of earth.

The final vote stood at twelve in support of the plan, six against, and one neutral.
Faren, Ehlonna, Fharlanghn, Erythnul, and Yondalla stood with Olidammara in opposition to destroying the current world.

Vecna stood alone in the middle, casting his vote in neither direction.

The Demigods were shocked by the idea, with many of them opposing the loss of their followers and powers.
"This decision is not yours to make" Boccob informed them as the greater gods crafted a new world to replace the old one. The cries of those below were too much for Olidammara’s heart to bear, the cries of the innocent asking "why?"
Though hundreds of thousands were destroyed in just moments, Erythnul remained quiet. When questioned, he simply replied with, “This is not how it was meant to be” and walked away from them.

Faren breathed life into the world again, and the miracle started over again. Ehlonna tended the forests with Obad-hai, but everyone was left to wait for enough life to flourish.
Many of the lesser gods perished from lack of worship… only a few remaining from the catastrophe. Only ten of the original seventy-three remained to see life return to the world. Ten of the lesser gods made it, and all of them resented the greater gods.

It took two-thousand years for the mortals to recognize the gods… Two-thousand years of silence, two-thousand years of dealing only with the gods. And Olidammara had grown sick of the gods and their ways. In a spurious moment, he cast aside his old self and embraced a new life.

Having been scorned by those he’d trusted, he abandoned his old form. When Olidammara arose again, none could recognize her. She had decided to pursue life and beauty in her own method, and left behind the patriarchal stereotype. Faren approached the new god, curious as to the change.
"My name is Taffetta," she smiled, and headed down to the world below.

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